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About Pao Rojas

Pao Rojas

I am Paola Rojas, Web Developer & Designer

My name is Paola Rojas, but people call me Pao Rojas. I live in Miami, FL. My website, compiles my work in one place. It is also the showcase of my main focus as a Web Developer, which is to create intuitive and innovative designs, with user functionality a top priority.

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What I do

Web Developer

As a Web Developer, Pao Rojas focuses on the functionality of a website. She has strong programming skills that can build and maintain websites that function effortlessly.

Web Designer

UI Design focuses on predicting what users might need to do and ensures that those elements are easy to access, understand, and use. UI also allows users to easily facilitate a website's actions.

Email Marketing

Pao Rojas has coded over 200 emails from scratch. These emails have been sent to more than 800,000 customers. She makes sure that every email displays correctly across multiple devices and email clients like: Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail and AOL. She tracks campaigns and tests subject lines to ensure consistent open rates above 15%.


Getting a Wordpress theme is easy, but making sure that it fits the company's needs requires a lot more. Pao Rojas uses best web development practices to create organized code. Furthermore, she uses secure plugins and makes sure that websites load fast and are always SEO friendly. She is able to turn a simple theme into a unique and beautiful interface.

SEO Content

Pao Rojas has developed innovative strategies, techniques, and tactics, that have being use to increase the amount of visitors to a website, and to obtain a high-ranking placement in the SERP.

Responsive Design

Responsive design refers to the creation of websites that uses cascading style sheet media queries. This provides flexible layouts and flexible images, allowing the website to display properly and beautifully accross desktop and mobile browsers. One of Pao Rojas's goals is to build web pages that dynamically changes its layout according to its detected screen.

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